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www.thecarmechanic.com I first went to AV as i didn`t trust Vauxhall. I have used these guys several timesfor some minor and some major work. Even though they are nowhere near my house i will always go to them. They are the ones to trust. No Bull, no hassle, no bodge jobs.
adam (Vauxhall BLUE ZAFIRA B gearbox issues)
www.thecarmechanic.com I would highly recommend done a good job on my Vauxhall. 
Totisha (Vauxhall Corsa)
www.thecarmechanic.com Had a problem with the boot and roof on my Astra Twin Top. My local garage couldn`t get it open and the Vauxhall dealer was talking several hours labour, an new wiring loom and a new boot switch. Dropped it off at AV and they had it open and fixed in a couple of hours at a very reasonable cost. If you want a good, honest garage that really know Vauxhalls give them a call You will not regret it!
Paul Saunders (Vauxhall Astra Twin Top)
www.thecarmechanic.com used the services of this company for the first time and very happy to give a positive thumbs up. From the initial telephone call to completion of service, I found this company to be pleasant, polite, well informed about my type of car, and the price quoted was a fair price. Will definitely contact this company again for any further work. Thank you!
mdv (Vauxhall corsa)
www.thecarmechanic.com Used this garage twice before very happy with the service. Thought is was about time to replace the timing belt was replacer so phoned them up at short notice to see when they could do it, went in same afternoon returned quickly and good price. Would it Would happily recommend these guys anytime
Kim (Vauxhall Astra Convertable)
www.thecarmechanic.com Top quality service,fitted me I at short notice ,sorted my misfire problem there and then back on the road same morning.What more can you ask
Alistair Nee (Vauxhall Zafira)
www.thecarmechanic.com Ales is a first class mechanic, with vast experience. He is brilliant in keeping the car in excellent condition so that - touch wood - I have not had any problem with my cars over the last 10 years. He is reasonable, honest and reliable. we are very lucky to have such a great car mechanic!!
Marta (Vauxhall Corsa)
www.thecarmechanic.com AVautos have been looking after this car since I bought it in 2010. I would never dream of taking it anywhere else. They have been kind and courteous as well as efficient and honest. All things greatly appreciated by a woman driver.
Carolyn McArdle (Vauxhall Zafira)
www.thecarmechanic.com Fantastic service. I was recommended to contact Ales when I needed to service my car having just moved to London. I found everyone very friendly, very efficient and the price really reasonable. Today they agreed to look at an oil leak problem I was worried about and fitted me in at short notice, then investigated and repaired the problem while I waited. I travel an hour to get to them but they give me such confidence and real peace of mind. I would HIGHLY recommend them.
Helen Shaw (Vauxhall Corsa)
www.thecarmechanic.com Very honest and reasonable in price. Great guys, I will always take my car to them, even though its nearly an hour drive from where I live, because I trust them. 
Lorna Powell (Nissan Quashqai)
www.thecarmechanic.com Fantastic service , would highly recommend.
Linda (Vauxhall Asta)
www.thecarmechanic.com This was the best customer service I have seen in England for a long time. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ales and guys at AV AUTOS. I`m impressed is an understatement!!!!! Excellent service and value for money.I will be referring you guys as often as possible!!!!!!
George (Audi A3 sport)
www.thecarmechanic.com Speedy service, well explained, didn`t cost an arm and a leg like the last place I took the car to, and to top it all off, they kindly reset my car`s clock for me. Excellent service all round and I`d recommend it to anyone.
Tristan (Vauxhall Astra)
www.thecarmechanic.com If you have a Vauxhall thats giving you grief, this is the place to go. Honest appraisal in plain speak and reasonable rates. I had ignition and display panel problems that made starting a hit and miss affair that Chris & his team quickly diagnosed and repaired. They also repaired an exhaust problem that caused a dreadful banging noise on the slightest bump in the road that was driving me mad. It was a pleasure to drive back home in a quiet car that wasn`t going to suddenly break down on me. I`ll be using this garage from now on and highly recommend it to other Vauxhall owners. Best Wishes.
Jim (Vauxhall Corsa)
www.thecarmechanic.com I was very pleased with the service on my van, very helpful when I twice phoned the following day with further questions. I have already agreed to take my van in again post summer for an additional job.
Francesco (Vauxhall vivaro)
www.thecarmechanic.com Highly recommeneded. Fixed an exhaust sensor, front brakes and AC condenser plus refill with no problems. Very professional, efficient and fair. Will be back for sure. Great to get a job done properly by those who know what they are doing. Thanks guys! J.
John (Vauxhall Astra 1.7cdti ecoflex)
www.thecarmechanic.com I think this review could have well been done a long time a go. 3 years a go after buying a new Vauxhall and looking for a new mechanic as previous experiences wasn`t the best I have been recommended by someone at work to see Av Autos. Since the first time that I went to see Ales with a minor issue he was very professional and explained everything to detail. I have now after 3 years been servicing my car regularly with Ales, Chris and Martin at AV Autos and can`t thank them enough as I already had to call them twice with the car completely dead and thanks to them the car was ready on the road next day. Today I have received a call from Chris with a reminder of my MOT that is due next week, this proves how professional this team is and how they look after their customers. I have recommended a few friends to Av Autos and will keep recommending as I could have not found a better service. Thanks guys.
Marco Caldeira (Vauxhall Astra SRI CDTI 150)
www.thecarmechanic.com I would recommend AV Autos (Chris) all day long, excellent service straight to the point reasonable prices and they know what they are doing no guess work.
DiDi (Vauxhall Astra)
www.thecarmechanic.com Thank you so much, my corsa is driving great, would highly recommend to others and the customer service is excellent.
Jay (Vauxhall corsa Design)
www.thecarmechanic.com Having been poorly and very expensively served in the past by main dealers I decided that the time had come to find, if possible, an independent Vauxhall specialist capable of providing a quality service at a reasonable price. Finding AV Autos on Google provided a promising start. Following that up with a visit to their premises and discussion with Ales and team convinced me that using their services made very good sense.And I was not disappointed ! Following a very comprehensive full service - which included all filters and brake fluid change (normally extra cost at the main dealer - and rectification of a previously unidentified problem with the exhaust manifold, my car now runs (and stops !)better and quieter than it has for some time. And all this at an acceptable and modest cost ! I will definitely use AV Autos again and happily recommend Ales and team to others.
Malcolm Macleod (Vauxhall Zafira GSi Turbo)
www.thecarmechanic.com Hello all I have used Ales and Chris company 3 times now as I know I will get an A1 service for my money and my car is in the best hands possible. I have had a full service for my A3 , a cv gaitor replacement and recently a repair to my leaking coolant pipes. For me there is only one place to go as this garage are prepared to go above and beyond to make sure customer satisfaction is guarenteed.
Mark Phillips (Audi A3)
www.thecarmechanic.com I was very happy with my MOT and car repairs...these guys don`t overcharge you like the big name garages and are real problem solvers...
Clive (Vauxhall Astra)
www.thecarmechanic.com I would happily recommend Ales, Chris and the team at AV Autos to anyone. They are quick, very helpful, well priced and have offered advice that on several occasions has saved me money. Their work is great and they've helped me out of emergency / annoying situations quickly and without hesitation. They get parts in quickly, without fuss and at a reasonable price as well. All round good guys who do a great job, so much better than the Vauxhall garage I took my car to the first time!
Dylan (Vauxhall Astra)
www.thecarmechanic.com Dear Ales, I was very, very pleased with your work on my old car. I was especially glad that you were willing to listen to my opinion regarding the usefulness of my car to me. I shall definitely be returning to your garage for my MOT and for anything else that may need attention. I felt that you were very fair and honest. I`m glad I saw your web site and read the reviews of your work. Best wishes, Molly
Molly (Vauxhall Corsa)
www.thecarmechanic.com Found out about these guys from a Google search and decided to use them for a yearly service based on the good feedback. Very pleased with their service - friendly, efficient, honest and good value. The price ended up being lower than the estimate as they decided there was no need to replace the spark plug as had been expected. Will defo use them from now on. Also had a good chat about tennis too!
Ben (Vauxhall Astra 1.4 Turbo)
www.thecarmechanic.com AV Autos were brilliant - they managed to fit me in at the very last minute and were great value for money. Highly recommended! Charlotte, 25, Brixton
Charlotte Stubbs (Suzuki Alto)
www.thecarmechanic.com I have recently had my car serviced and MOT after being recommended to this service by a former work colleague of Al and mutual friend. He was efficient and reasonably priced. He took the time to break down and explain all the charges I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
Karen Hailston (Vauxhall Zafira)
www.thecarmechanic.com The service Ales provided was efficient, extremely reasonably priced, and he was very clear, honest, and fair about the work that was needed; only carrying out the work that was essential, and to a high standard. I would definitely return to Ales for any other work or servicing that my car needs, and would recommend Ales to anyone.
Carla Anderson (Vauxhall Corsa D)
www.thecarmechanic.com A simple phone call, but very sound advice relating to my Head gasket problem, can't ask for any more A Star.
Navin Patel (Vauxhall Corsa 1.2)
www.thecarmechanic.com A huge thank you for great service.
Carolyn McArdle (Vauxhall Zafira)
www.thecarmechanic.com First Class Vauxhall Knowledge, I own one of the complicated models, the astra twintop with its extremley technical roof that decided it didn't want to close, i went through two mechanics and the RAC and they still couldn't help me close the roof. So I had a good dig around the internet and found AV Autos and thought to myself why not give it a go?! I turned up, Chris had a quick look and knew instantly what he needed to do in order to resolve the problem. One hour later the roof was closed and I was smiling again! Great pros, knowledge is unbeatable, and prices are very reasonable considering the amount of experience these guys have! if you have a vaxuhall, make this your first port of call! Epic
Ashley Powell (Opel Astra Twin Top)
www.thecarmechanic.com Having received a hideous quote from a local Vauxhall dealer to fix the roof mechanism on my Tigra I decided to shop around for a second opinion. I'm very glad I found AV Autos. (Thanks Google!) It soon came to light that the official Vauxhall dealership had badly mis-diagnosed the problem, and the guys at AV Autos sorted the real problem quickly and efficiently at a fraction of the price of my original quote. If my car ever needs repairs going forward I'm definitely going to use these guys. Job well done!
Kieron (Vauxhall Tigra)
www.thecarmechanic.com After receiving a horrific quote from another garage in south London i contacted this company and within 24 hours i had got a very good quote and the work completed to a very high level of satisfaction. They are quick, efficient and very good with price. Any vauxhall owners should definitely contact this company if in need of any repairs.
Tarik Quaye (Vauxhall Corsa D)
www.thecarmechanic.com After spending loads trying to fix an engine management light fault took it to here and within an hour the fault was fixed. very friendly, honest and professional
Matthew Smith (Vauxhall Zafira a)
www.thecarmechanic.com Dear Mr. Vochyan, I am writing to you to express my appreciation for repairing my car whilst I was on holiday in London. I am very grateful for you working through the night into the early hours of the morning, allowing me to continue with my holiday without encountering any further problems. Thank you again, I can't thank you enough.
Roy Dale (Volvo Volvo)
www.thecarmechanic.com With a 2 year ongoing problem with my power steering , countless mechanics looked at my car and tried to charge me the world to fix it. Not only did Ales fix my car in a day, he did it at a very reasonable price. He knows things about vauxhalls that the main dealer respectively don't know.
Slattery Warren (Vauxhall Vectra C)
www.thecarmechanic.com It's not often you find a mechanic that you can trust! Ales you get 100% for good honest mechanical advice, workmanship and feedback. I can highly recommend Ales for all your cars electrical and mechanical problems. It is refreshing to find that good service, great workmanship and honest pricing still exists in London!
Carsten Natasha (VW Golf)
www.thecarmechanic.com Dear Alesh, Thank you very much for the courteous and lst class service given to my daughter Natalie and her Tigra yesterday. (17.10.2010) To find such attention in London is rare and I would not hesitate to recommend you anyone who needs honesty and reliability. Thank you
Newell John (Vauxhall Tigra)
www.thecarmechanic.com I had a problem with my Astra 1.7DTi cutting out. I took it to a local garage who ran a diagnostic with the resulting fault code of 'PO251- spill valve ECU'. They then informed me that to put it right would cost £900 with parts and labour - that's right, £900! Fortunately, I then went to the internet and googled 'PO251, Vauxhall' or something like that, and saw that there was a load of forum information about this supposed spill valve malfunction being a common and spurious fault, and that the ECU could normally be fixed without having to replace it, as a repair of the ECU (rather than replacement) will almost always do the trick. Luckily for me, I came across Ales's website, with all the recommendations of his satisfied customers and his experience, particularly with Vauxhalls. I called him and he quickly confirmed my suspicions, that the car was almost certainly fixable at a fraction of the cost quoted me by the other place ( an established firm that has been going for about 50 years!). A couple of days later I took it in and he did the job for £240. Not only that - while looking at it he spotted a rusty frame underneath that Vauxhall have a Recall on - ie they will fix for free - and he took it in to Penfolds to get them to fit the replacement part, at no extra cost! If that's not looking after your customers, I don't know what is!! Ales has the up-to-date knowledge, combined with an honest and personable manner. I'm so happy that I have found a good and trustworthy mechanic, as I really do rely heavily on my car for my business (professional musician). Hell will freeze over before I allow anyone else to work on my car from now on. If anyone wants to hear the recommendation direct from me, feel free to call me.
Jim 07866 492 046 (Vauxhall Astra)
www.thecarmechanic.com A serious fault developed with our ford focus which was not identified by two AA mechanics. We were very pleased to find Ales who offered a mobile mechanic service. He identified the fault and repaired the car promptly at very reasonable rates. We would highly recommend Ales and would not hesitate to use his service again in the future.
Leaback Ann (Ford Focus)
www.thecarmechanic.com I have taken my peugoet to Ales a couple of times now and i have found him to be really helpful and professional. Because he has lots of experience and takes the time to listen to you decribing faults, he can diagnose them in an instant and gets the job done as quickly as possible, so you can have your car back asap. You don't get the feeling he is trying to rip you off, he charges fair prices for doing a good job. I would definately recommend him and hope his new business continues to thrive.
Roberts J (Peugeot 206cc)
www.thecarmechanic.com I had been very pessimistic whether my old Omega would even be worth repairing after a quote I had had elsewhere, but then I came across 'The Car Mechanic' who turned around my list of car maladies (some normally awkward for a non-dealership), to give me back a car that runs fitter and better than ever for literally a fraction of the cost I feared and it really purrs now! If you want dealership-level skills and service, but at extremely cheap and honest prices then I cannot recommend this establishment more. I will certainly be looking no further from now on.
Uff Jeremy (Vauxhall Omega)
www.thecarmechanic.com I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help! my car was fixed in no time and you kept me updated throughout, very friendly service and I didn't feel like I was getting 'ripped off!' thanks again and I will see you soon!
Goddard Melanie (Vauxhall Tigra B)
www.thecarmechanic.com Good friendly service at a fraction of what you would pay main dealers. My car drives so much better now Thanks to him. Well recommended to everyone. Good luck lads, keep the good work going.
Aslan Levo (Mercedes 220 CDI)
www.thecarmechanic.com My initial e-mail contact was speedily replied to, and everything was made clear from the outset. As a busy freelance journalist with a chaotic schedule, being able to deal with these early enquires by e-mail was particularly useful for me. It also meant that I had a clear, itemised estimate of the cost to compare with that offered by the official dealer in Croydon, from whom I had bought the car originally. Their estimate was much higher, and anyway I liked the idea of dealing with a local, independent business with a specific knowledge of Vauxhall cars. Having made an appointment, and later driven the car to the workshop, I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and efficiency with which the service and MOT were carried out. Since the car has been serviced and MOTd, it runs quieter, smoother and seems to be using less fuel. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone with a Vauxhall car that needed servicing or repairs. If you need me to do so, please don't hesitate to ask. It's worth mentioning that the card that was put through my door some months before, and which I kept on my desk until it was needed, was very useful in finding you in the first place. That said, I did make a point of looking at your Web site before phoning you. So this too was useful in persuading me that you might be the right man for the job. And you most definitely were. Best wishes,
Nigel Floyd (Vauxhall Corsa D)
www.thecarmechanic.com I am from Australia and visiting my daughter in London. She has an old Vectra with quite a few problems and so I said that I would try to get them fixed.The most major problem was that the engine would stall without notice both at slow speeds and high speeds. This meant an instant loss of power steering and clearly was dangerous. It would immediately restart with a turn of the ignition key. I found out on the internet that this is a common problem with the Vectra but none seemed to have a single remedy for the problem. I took the car to Ales and he replaced the crank angle sensor and then the slow idle valve. This has fixed the problem and my daughter is over the moon. I have been around cars all my life and I can easily tell a good mechanic from a bad one. I have only praise for Ales. He was correct in his diagnosis, very reasonable in his pricing and nothing was too much trouble. So I have no hesitation in recommending his business.
Peter (from Sydney) (Vauxhall Vectra B)
www.thecarmechanic.com Ales, simply put, saved my car from going to the scrap yard having being plagued with serious engine problems. Not only was Ales very professional from start to finish, he nailed the problems right to the core. It has been driving like new since. Thank you so much for a job well done; even my girlfriend is full of praise for the smooth-running engine. Consider me as one of your life-time customers.
Alade Olusegun (Vauxhall Vectra)
www.thecarmechanic.com I had fiew problems with my Astra and I went to local garage to get fix it but they couldn't and told me that it was a Vauxhall dealer job. I looked on the internet for Vauxhall specialist as I did not wanted to go Vauxhall dealer cause they always over price you. I found Alesh website and I decided to bring my car to him. I explained to Alesh what the fault was and he understood me straight away. While I was waiting I went for lunch and by the time I came back my car was repaired, it took him not longer than an hour. Alesh and his colleague John are real professionals, they love their jobs and you won't get the feeling that they try to rip you off. I recommend people to go to Alesh because he provided me with an excellent service and cheap price. Well done Alesh Many thanks,
Ahmed Ayma (Vauxhall Astra H)
www.thecarmechanic.com I took my car to him today as AA told me it was the key barrel. When I got the car to him, within one hour he got me back on the road.I think this man is bloody good, he needs a medal for the work he does.He is so good I would recommend him to anybody, and good price too.He is better than AA man anytime.
Les Gillman (Vauxhall Zafira A)
www.thecarmechanic.com I took my car in for a MOT and service just before Christmas after receiving very good feedback about the service offered from my mum. I was not disappointed. Friendly and helpful service, I was kept very well informed and communication was superb. I had my car back to me far quicker than I had expected and at a far lower price than I had anticipated. Very very impressed with the service provided, would definitely recommend and will be returning in the future
Rochelle Hailston (Citroen C2)
www.thecarmechanic.com My old Astra was losing coolant and overheating overheating. Ales diagnosed a failed head gasket, identified other worn components in the toothed belt area, recommended some upgraded parts and did a comprehensive rebuild in a professional and friendly manner. Highly recommended. I.G. James Fulham SW6
Ian Glover-James (Opel 97 Astra type F 1.4i 16v estate)
www.thecarmechanic.com AV's complete rebuild of my engine was amazing. Fast,efficient and very professional. The service throughout was friendly and the cost very reasonable. I have no hesitation in recommending Arles to fellow vauxhall owners.
Roger Randall (Vauxhall Frontera B)
www.thecarmechanic.com I am outmost satisfied with a great service, excellent aftercare and support, I have received, in regards of all my enquires, and repair. I did appreciate all the insights and suggestions you have given while my car was under repair in your garage. It is with great pleasure to recommend your services. I wish you all the best. Kind regards,
Zsolt (Vauxhall Vectra C 1.9)
www.thecarmechanic.com A 'cold' call one afternoon and I was offered an appointment the next morning to correct a lighting problem which was solved in 90 minutes. Truly excellent service particularly as I was not a previous customer - note 'was not' - which now is 'will be'! Highly recommended.
Anthony (Vauxhall Signum 3.0CDTI 'Elite')
www.thecarmechanic.com Ales offers an exceptionally good all round service. I was really grateful that he worked late to finish repairs on the car so that it would be fixed for the Easter weekend. Ales is extremely helpful and informative and always tells you what exactly is wrong with the car. He is a top mechanic and I can thoroughly recommend him.
David Hedger (Opel Astra 1.6 LS)
www.thecarmechanic.com I'm extremely please with the work you carried out on the car, I know it was a bit of a pain because we were't sure what the problem was but the new engine is running perfectly. so thanks for your patience.
Ben Alder (Vauxhall Astra SXI)
www.thecarmechanic.com He knows his stuff and is genuine honest and reliable, he wont rip you off either if he says it needs doing you can bet it does, his hourly rate is also second to none and he will keep you update through out the whole job as even he does not have an x ray machine and some times extras are unavoidable, well done Alas and keep it up,
Lee Simpson (Opel Vectra est 1.9 CTDI)
www.thecarmechanic.com Ales has provided an excellent service on the two different occasions that I've taken my Suzuki Swift for repair and service. Ales is trustworthy, dependable and very reasonably priced and on both occasions has finished the job in really good time. I would definitely recommend Ales as a reliable mechanic.
Rosie Tudor (Suzuki Swift)
www.thecarmechanic.com I wish I met Ales sooner. Unfortunately, when my car's engine management light came on I didn't know Ales so I made the mistake of taking it to another mechanic who charged me a small fortunate but didn't even fix the problem! I then did an internet search and saw Ales's website. I emailed and booked an appointment. I was very pessimistic and was prepared to pay another small fortunate. Ales carried out thorough checks to locate the fault, clearly explained to me what the problem was and fixed it very quickly for a very small price. Unlike other mechanics I've met, Ales is a very honest person and a skilled mechanic. I can not thank him enough and as long as he works as a mechanic I will be his customer.
Nessa Dincgun (Vauxhall Astra)
www.thecarmechanic.com I found "The car mechanic" web site by accident when looking for help with my Zafira's problem of going into "limp home mode" and cutting out. A friend had obtained some basic fault codes using a hand held tester. These indicated a crank shaft sensor fault and Diesel fuel pump fault, (very,very expensive!) among others. I e-mailed Ales, and he explained that he would have to use his Tech2 tester to give a more accurate diagnosis. I phoned him, but he was very busy, and could not see me until the following week. (AArrgh!). Over the next few days the problem got worse, so I was forced to do what I was trying to avoid, going to a VX dealer!! I have had bad experiences with both Ford and VX dealers with their incompetence and dishonesty. I booked the VX dealer for the coming Monday, with a genuine sick feeling in my stomach. The following night (around 8 o'clock) my phone rang. It was Ales, he said he was passing through my area on his way home (he obviously noted my area code), and could he have a quick look at my car? YES! He arrived with his Tech2 tester and proceeded to diagnose my faults, and a test drive to try to generate the fault (no luck). He was with me for about 45 minutes, and explained the possible fixes for the fault, saying that the crankshaft sensor was the item to check first as it was the cheapest item, and that he would fit me in the following Monday. I cancelled the VX booking, and took my limping car to West Norwood, where Ales was waiting with an empty ramp ready for my car. He had already obtained the new part, and would start immediately. I went walkabout for an hour, then returned to find all was done. All that was left was for me to take the car and see if the fault re-occurred. It didn't. As well as the part change, Ales reprogrammed my car's ECU with the latest updates. For all this I was charged a very modest sum, that would have been around 3 to 4 times that, at the dealers, assuming that they only fitted the sensor and not the fuel pump, which they are prone to doing and charging around £900 !! I was so impressed with Ales's professionalism and customer attitude, that I booked my car in again to have my broken air-conditioning repaired. Today, he found that the air-con compressor was inactive (£250/280 a piece)! He discovered that a replaceable part of the compressor was at fault (clutch magnet), so he obtained this item and saved the unnecessary cost of a complete unit. I can only reiterate ALL what previous customers have said about Ales. A thoroughly Decent, Knowledgeable engineer that does his best for his customers, which pleases him as much as them!! Well done Ales, go forth and prosper!
Bob Martinelli (Vauxhall Zafira 2.0 Dti Auto)
www.thecarmechanic.com I know Ales for long time and I would not change him as my mechanic for nothing. He is very honest, I trust him with my car as I know he does fix any fault and he doesn't charge you any extra money for work as other mechanics. I had a fault on my engine, he came to have a look at it in the evening after his work, the next day I had it repaired. Like I said, after very awful experience with many mechanics around, I will be always his customer!! Thank you
Lucie Vyb (Nissan Almera)
www.thecarmechanic.com Hi Ales Just to say thank you for the great job you did on the car, fixing a complex problem. Much appreciated your fixed fee quote and that you were able to do it so quickly as well. Car is now running just fine, no smoke problem at all. I have posted a recommendation on East Dulwich Forum. with very best wishes
Mrs Jeanne Hayes (Vauxhall Zafira)
www.thecarmechanic.com Top man thorough efficient and above honest sorted my Golf with the minimum of fuss and at a good price would recommend.
Bob Rose (VW Golf MKIII, Vento, Mazda MPV)
www.thecarmechanic.com Hi, Ales I wanted to say thank you for the great service you provided me in regards to helping my car with its engine and MOT you gave me a great price for an excellent service, and thank you for helping me out with my flat tire. Thank you for your support and great customer service.
EL-Hadad Mariam (Vauxhall Corsa)
www.thecarmechanic.com Hello Ales and just to say thankyou for sorting out my 'Signum' a few weeks ago with the annoying false warning of a problem with the catalyser / exhaust system. Since you and Chris Jones got on to the problem, there fortunately has been no recurrence so 'job done' and thanks. Kind regards
Anthony (Vauxhall Signum)
www.thecarmechanic.com Hi Ales, Thank you for giving me some really helpful advice about how to get a more affordable power steering column for my fiat punto and then fitting it for me for at a really reasonable price - it now works perfectly! Great service and quality work.
Nicki Croote (Fiat Punto)
www.thecarmechanic.com very happy with the service. Ales found the fault showed me where it was, replaced part ,car runs perfect. many thanks another time.
Ron (Vauxhall Astra Diesel)
www.thecarmechanic.com Phoned Ales and discussed the problem with my car, Ales made the time to listen to the problem I'm having with my car and came up with solutions, past experiences with other garages, they would say take the car to them they need to check it, obviously Ales would need to check it, but the difference was he told me to make some checks first myself before i took it to him, which might solve the problem. Keep the good work up Ales.
Hak (Vauxhall Corsa)
www.thecarmechanic.com Found Ales webpage as my car was making a real loud noise when I drove. He took the car for a spin and noticed straight away what the problem was. really knowledgeable mechanic and reasonable on prices. Thanks
Leigh Barnes (Vauxhall Tigra)
www.thecarmechanic.com I phoned Ales in the afternoon and he told me to bring the car down the same day. On arrival Ales was very friendly and got straight to the problem which was the knock sensor and the engine oil, the job was done immediately with a diagnostic check and top up of engine oil. 10 minutes later I drove the car home and it was running as good as it was when I first got it! Fantastic prompt service in which I highly recommend! Charlie Streets.
Charlie Streets (Vauxhall Corsa Sri 1.8)
www.thecarmechanic.com Ales replaced my cambelt for a very reasonable fee. He also carried out other MOT related repairs on my car. This is the first time I had used him. I can honestly say that he is the best mechanic I have used in my 25 years of car ownership.He only does work that needs to be done , he knows what he is doing, he is a nice friendly chap and is very reasonable. He went "beyond the call of duty", by doing a couple of jobs including fixing my remote key which had not been working for 4 years without any charge!!If there was a website called "Trust a mechanic", I would definitely nominate him . Well done Ales, I would give you 10 out of 10 for customer satisfaction.
Martin Lobo (Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Petrol 2003 Reg)
www.thecarmechanic.com Hi Ales I'm a driving instuctor and I have had my car misdiagnosed by 2 different machanics and it has cost me a lot of money that I did not need to spend on the car, I am please to have found you. you diagnosed my car and repaired it, It is working so well I am very happy with the service and will be using you from now on. Thank you kind regards Chris.
Chris Michael (Vauxhall corsa 1.3D)
www.thecarmechanic.com Ales changed a cambelt for me and I can't believe the excellent service that was given. He explained everything to me and gave my car a thorough check over, Changing some light bulbs and fixing the cigarette lighter for me.This man has given me the confidence to buy vauxhaul cars again. Thank you so much Ales You will be my mechanic for life.Brilliant!!!!!
Emma Lee (Vauxhall Zafira 1.8)
www.thecarmechanic.com I had a few problems with my car including a faulty Airflow Meter which could not be diagnosed by other car mechanics (even by a Vauxhall dealer). I found Ales's website, I emailed and booked an appointment. He diagnosed and then fixed these problems at a reasonable price. Also, he proactively sorted out a problem with power steering which I was not aware of. He is a very honest, helpful and professional car mechanic.Thank you for the great service.
Norbert Leimeiszter (Opel Vectra C 2.2)
www.thecarmechanic.com Very honest and reasonable priced, Ales is obviously very passionate about his work! he went above and beyond when fixing my car! I had a problem with the doors not opening which he fixed, but he also fixed my back windows which weren't opening, without my asking! So thank you very much very happy with the service :o)
Ellen Aerts (Opel Astra H Z17DTH)
www.thecarmechanic.com I highly reccomend Ales, he is a highly skilled, experienced and trained mechanic and his knowledge and skill saved me hundreds of pounds in car repairs. I went to him after my car had been badly damaged by a previous mechanic and was told that the car would need to be written off. I am delighted to say that since he has repaired it I have had no problems at all and it is running really well. THANK YOU!
E Phillips (Vauxhall Meriva)
www.thecarmechanic.com Amazing service thank you so much. You found an engine fault and fixed it when my previous mechanic said it was virtually unrepairable. A very trustworthy guy, saved me a huge amount of money, and my new mechanic for life. Thank you so much, I still cant believe that my car runs like this now.
Daniel Oree (Opel Astra 1.7 CDTI)
www.thecarmechanic.com Thank you all for the hard work you done in fixing my car. It is running lovely. This is the 3rd time I have used your company and I will definately use you again and recommend you to my friends and family
Sandra (Vauxhall Corsa easytronic)
www.thecarmechanic.com I found Ales on the internet and arranged with him, to have a replacement engine. And I was very satisfied with the work he carried out.On completion he went into detail showing me and explaining the damage that was done to my old engine and why it ceased up on the motorway.On another occasion my power steering kept going Ales found the fault within mins of testing. Ales is a mechanic that really cares about the quality of his work and customers.Wish there was more like him.
James Jackson (Vauxhall Astra 1.7 cdti)
www.thecarmechanic.com Ales runs a great garage. He is totally committed to good service, explains everything patiently, is honest and fair, has a tidy workshop, and knows his vauxhalls. A+ mechanic, will use again and would not hesitate to recommend him to all my friends. Thank you Ales! I am on the road again :)
Rick from Islington (Vauxhall Combo 1.7dti)
www.thecarmechanic.com The Car Mechanic is South London's best kept secret. The service is fantastic, professional, quick and most importantly, honest. I was so impressed. I fully recommend them to any Vauxhall owners, especially women who, like me, find the thought of trying to find a reliable and friendly mechanic a bit daunting. Look no further! A big thank you to you.
Ellie Laycock (Vauxhall Astra)
www.thecarmechanic.com Thank you Alesh for fixing my car last Monday. The garage I usually use tried to make me spend over £500 just to fix the window wash and you fixed it by just placing the fuse. I've only had my car for just 2 months and if it wasn't for Alesh I would have blown my engine. The spanner in the car kept flashing on the dash but I was told to ignore by other garages. I got fed up and thought I would try Alesh as he seemed to get really good reviews on line. Well he is wonderful. He is everything that people have been saying about him. He fixed my car up to scratch in 45minutes. My car had been sabotaged by someone. They took the fuses out to cause my engine to blow and I would have to pay out a fortune on a new engine/vehicle. So Thank you, Thank you Alesh. I will NEVER USE ANOTHER GARAGE TO FIX MY CAR AGAIN. SEE YOU SOON FOR MY M.O.T.
Shirley Mayne (Vauxhall Zafira B)
www.thecarmechanic.com Highly professional and honest. Really good attention to detail. A local garage had basically told me to scrap the car, but Ales quickly identified the issues. I can honestly say he's breathed new life back into the car. I am extremely grateful for the help.
Ben Beuret (Vauxhall Astra)
www.thecarmechanic.com I had a leak in my driver footwell. I feared just finding the problem would be costly alone, but Ales's expertise and experience knew the problem straight away and sorted it first time. A thorough and competent job performed. Highly recommended.
Conor Murdoch (Vauxhall Corsa)
www.thecarmechanic.com Dear Ales, Thank you so much for getting my car back on the road. It is driving like a brand new vehicle. I really appreciate all that you have done and would have no hesitation in recommending you. Best wishes,
Aly Gray (VW Beetle)
www.thecarmechanic.com Ales Thank you for the professional service you provided yesterday with the jet washer fix. I was very impressed with your knowledge and will be happy to recommend your service to people in the future.
James Clarke (VW Polo)
www.thecarmechanic.com When I first saw my 'limp home' spanner warning light on my Signum V6 diesel, I sensed I would be in for a very big bill from my local main dealer. But thank goodness for Google, and also for Ales at AV Autos! He got straight to the problem in no time at all and charged me probably half of what I woud have paid at the dealer. Not only that, the car now runs far more smoothly that it has done for months. Very pleased indeed, highly recommended. Will definitely be back !!
Clive Parry (Vauxhall Signum 3.0 diesel auto)
www.thecarmechanic.com Today I had the pleasure of meeting Ales for the first time. This man knows his stuff when it comes to cars. Within minutes of being in his company, you just know this guy is genuine and sincere in his desire to do his best for the customer. He takes the time to explain to you what problems he has found, and even if you know nothing about the internal combustion engine, he makes you feel as tho you do. I would not hesitate to recommend Ales to anyone. And ladies, if you feel that as a female you may get ripped off when it comes to garages, then Ales is the man for you. His work is second to none, and his prices are very reasonable. I cannot praise him enough. Ales, Tisicero diky
Errol Lotriet (Vauxhall Meriva)
www.thecarmechanic.com I was at my wits ends. The car misfires regularly, lose power on the motorway (very scary experience!!) and the dreaded yellow spanner lights up and I couldn't afford the main dealers and was too scared to go to main dealers in case I landed up with a big bill. A bit of "Googling" I found this website and drove an hour and half from where I live all the way to south London. Alesh was very pleasant, smiling. He diagnosed it accurately and explained the problem very patiently (I am hearing impaired). He even reprogrammed the ECU and performed a software upgrade. On the way home, I tried my hardest to "misfire" the engine by trying to over-rev it on the motorway and to my delight, the car performs like new! Now I can drive on motorways without sticking to the left hand lane in constant fear the car will go into "limp" mode or lose power! I can now overtake cars on the motorway without worrying about the engine cutting out! Anyone who lives near him in South London is very lucky to have a good mechanic and anyone who has engine problems - I advise them to drive 2 hours to come and see him in South London! Thank you Alesh!
Naftali Wechsler (Vauxhall Zafira B)
www.thecarmechanic.com I am impressed as I just wanted to call and find out opening hours. My Corsa developed a fault and I was advised by AA that a software update might be needed. The person answering my call was very helpful and even suggested a remedy that I can do myself. I will definitely be visiting this garage for the update as he was very helpful.
Bee Smith (Vauxhall Corsa)
www.thecarmechanic.com My car was in need of a good service, diagnostic & service update & it has all been rectified. The mechanic is true to his word & told me honestly what needed to be done & what didn't so I will be going to him from now on & a bonus I get the dealers stamp without getting shafted with the dealers cost. Thank you for your help my car (wife's) is now very firm & sturdy & goes like a rocket
Mahdi Hassan (Vauxhall Astra 1.6 Club)
www.thecarmechanic.com Thank you very much for the excellent service. My car broke down and I took it to my local mechanic. He charged me loads of money but still could not fix the problem. With a bit of googling came across Ales website he order the part and fixed my car the next day. He has all the patient in the world he is very professional and very affordable. I will recommend him to any one I promise you will not regret it.Excellent excellent excellent service I am very happy to know that there is still such honest mechanics in London. Thank you very much and thanks to your colleague as well for pumping my tyres.
Tina Yeboah (Vauxhall Corsa)
www.thecarmechanic.com Wow finally a mechanic who I Feel able to trust and produces the goods. Ales explained everything to me and even spent a small fortune on some new equipment when my injectors were seized into the engine. A massive thank you and would recommend The Car Mechanic to anyone in need of a good mechanic.
Scott Sutton (Vauxhall Vivaro)
www.thecarmechanic.com Just bought an Astra and I am so delighted I have found Ales I have no problem into recommending him. I went to his garage last week as I needed to install a MP3 stereo in my new car. I didn't have the original code to pair my upgraded stereo but Ales had all the required equipment to fix my problem I also asked him to review the advisory items stated on the latest kwick fit MOT and without thinking twice he told me in detail what it all meant ;what was a priority and how much it would cost to fix Thanks Ales ,I will certainly be a returning customer !!!!
Malika Halla (Vauxhall Astra 1.6 twinport)
www.thecarmechanic.com I was very impressed with your service. The problem with my car was diagnosed quickly and the parts ordered straight away. The car was fixed within the given time and I have had no problems since! Thank you very much AV autos!
Ms Herkiran Sohal (Vauxhall Corsa C)
www.thecarmechanic.com Bringing my car to my local mechanic was a nightmare, they diagnosed all sorts of problems and charged me all sorts and the problem was never sorted. After searching for a vauxhall specialist on google I came across a site and contacted Ales and brought my car in and left it for a few hours and in that time he could of diagnosed the timing wasn't right on my car which was causing loss of power, within a few hours the problem was sorted, reasonable price too. I'm so happy with the service, so happy the problem is finally sorted now, car is driving superb. I would recommend him to anyone, very genuine. There are still some trustworthy mechanics around. Thank you
Kelita Moore (Opel Astra J)
www.thecarmechanic.com Very happy with the service I got (power steering pump electric) fast service & realistic prices :-) wld recommend 2 any1 & will use this garage now as long as I have a vauxhall, many thanks Ales.
Daniel Dixon (Opel Astra)
www.thecarmechanic.com I've used Ales and his team since he opened the garage. He's worked on my previous cars and now the Citroen. He has got my car back on the road the same day, when other garages have said it could take days. He never fails to disappoint. What a gem of a garage. Would totally totally recommend them. Many thanks again. Kim
Kim Stanton (Citroen C3)
www.thecarmechanic.com Ales is an excellent mechanic and found out the problem I had with my old Astra car. The previous Vauxhall dealer was useless (and fleeced me at the same time) but Ales picked up the problem because he does not just relay on the computer fault codes but also uses observation. Ales is money well spent. Many thanks.
Clive Tobutt (Vauxhall Astra)
www.thecarmechanic.com I had been looking round for a garage I can trust, I liked the look of Ales's credentials so booked my car in for its MoT and Service. I was definitely not disappointed. I received a quick, efficient and worry-free service and reasonably priced too I thought. The car didn't pass to start with, but Ales was quickly on the phone to discuss what needed doing, and everything was done and MoT'd by the end of the day. I shall certainly be back whenever I need any garage services.
Michael Tulley (Opel Vectra B)
www.thecarmechanic.com Hi Ales, I was completely satisfied with your service, it was first class and great value. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone I know who owns a Vauxhall. Thank you once again.Kind Regards
Dennis (Vauxhall Astra Twintop)
www.thecarmechanic.com As a woman it can be difficult finding a mechanic to trust as sometimes they tend to undermine you. I am completely satisfied with the service I received. There was a genuine feel, extremely helpful. I feel I was kept informed at each step and all solutions identified and rectified to a high standard. I would recommend this service time and time again. The price was reasonable. You are given a detailed, stamped and signed receipt who you can then and to your service history. Once again many thanks.
Samantha Alexander (Vauxhall Meriva)
www.thecarmechanic.com Really friendly and helpful service. Will always use these guys in the future.
Sabrina James (Vauxhall Astra)
www.thecarmechanic.com Fantastic service. An honest and reliable mechanic is hard to find, I have found one in AV Autos so I would not go anywhere else now. Efficient and friendly with prompt diagnosis and repair. Thank you once again and we will be back!
Jennie Kirkby (Vauxhall Astra)
www.thecarmechanic.com We cannot fault the work that was completed at AV Autos! Ales and his team were friendly, welcoming and most importantly - Honest!! Our problem, which had originally been 'unfixable' by a larger dealership Garage, was quickly identified and resolved. The work process was explained to us, and the issue promptly fixed. The pricing was fair, honest and very competitive. We would definitely use these guys again. Fantastic service!
Daniel Richmond (Opel Astra H)
www.thecarmechanic.com Many thanks to Ales for quick, professional job. I was trying to repair the car with Polish "specialist", but for 2 months they just took money from me, saying this or that should be changed, but did not do nothing, and at the end revealed we don't know how to repair. Hopefully we came to Ales and he sorted it out in one hour, so perfect, honest service, highly recommend. thanks a lot.
Irina Kalakura (Vauxhall Insignia)
www.thecarmechanic.com I first contacted Ales with a problem (which I have learnt is fairly common on other Vauxhall Tigras)to ask what his garage could do about this- water was getting into my driver's footwell. He came back to me very quickly and gave me an informed answer and a very good price quote (official dealerships have tried to quote me extortionate amounts in the past). When my car was dropped off, we were shown the new part and talked through what would happen. When we picked up my car he showed us the old part and the problem with it. They also gave me a great warranty agreement with this, should the fault re-arise. I have not had a problem since I got my car fixed over a month ago (with much rain in the meantime) and I am extremely pleased with the service we received. I would definitely recommend this garage to anyone Thanks!
Lauren Miller (Vauxhall Tigra)
www.thecarmechanic.com He is very professional he knew straight away the problem on my car and fixed it ! I was very happy with all his services and recommend him.
Myriam Larbi (Vauxhall Zafira 1.9)
www.thecarmechanic.com I had one of those mystery problems which seemed to stump the AA and my former garage. Chris went to a lot of trouble to collect the car and investigate the problem. I am back on the road now having paid a lot less than I expected and after a cheerful and efficient service from this garage. It's not often I have been able to say that about a garage!
Helen Peacock (Vauxhall Agila)
www.thecarmechanic.com The service I received from this garage was absolutely first class. I have visited many garages in my long years on this planet and I would say this rates above the very best.
Serena Brock (Vauxhall Astra Twintop)
www.thecarmechanic.com After going to several mechanics and being told my car various problems, I had enough, my car was constantly miss firing and no mechanic could figure out why. Gave my car to Chris for one afternoon and he knew exactly what was wrong he had the car ready and working better than it had ever been before. He's an hounest and reliable person and will only be taking my car to him from now on.
Yakub Ismail (Vauxhall Astra J Cdti)