Car Servicing

Most vehicles require annual servicing to replace important components which degrade over time, depending on the car's mileage and manufacturer's recommendation. Basic servicing involves the replacement of engine oil and the oil filter, in some cases a new air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter or spark plugs may also be required.

The most important point about car servicing is that its purpose is to maintain the health of your vehicle cost-effectively so that you do not spend money needlessly on replacements that are not necessary. I always ensure that every customer knows exactly what is needed, which extras are optional and how much each item costs so that you can choose a level of servicing that gives you the best value for money whilst maintain the highest standards.

Our Services

  • General Vehicle Maintenance
  • Tech 2 Testing (Vauxhall Diagnostics)
  • Key and Remote Programming
  • Security Code Services
  • Aircon System Maintenance
  • Engine Management & Replacement/Programming
  • Airbag System Repairs
  • Wiper / Washer Faults
  • Electric / Manual Wndow Repairs
  • Antilock Brake Systems Faults
  • Climate Control and Heating Systems
  • Injectors (Siezed) Removal
  • Snapped Glow Plugs Removal

Car Servicing Testimonials

Ales Thank you for the professional service you provided yesterday with the jet washer fix. I was very impressed with your knowledge and will be happy to recommend your service to people in the future.

James Clarke (VW Polo)


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