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Our goal is to maintain the long-term health of your vehicle. Most vehicles require servicing annually in order to replace important components which degrade over time. A basic service involves the replacement of the engine oil and the oil filter. However, in some cases, a new air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter or spark plugs may also be required.

We are meticulous with our attention to detail in order to avoid any future repair work. We ensure that every customer knows exactly what is needed, which extras are optional, and how much each item costs. The customer maintains control over the level of service they want at all times. We strive to be honest and transparent in our service.

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Interim service from:

£70.00 + VAT

Main service from:

£112.50 + VAT

* plus parts - prices may vary depends on model and engine size

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From our MOT specialists approved by the Government appointed Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA)

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