Special Diesel Services

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Snapped Glow Plugs & Seized Injector Services

Special Diesel Services

We offer two specialist services for diesel engines:

Seized Injectors

Modern diesel vehicles often have a problem with injectors becoming seized. One of the most well-known engines to suffer from this problem is MAR which is used in Vauxhall Vivaros, Renault Traffic or Nissan Primstar. Over recent years we have been called on by other independent garages and big main dealer service-repair centers to remove seized injectors.

The key to successfully removing seized injectors is the use of high-quality, premium tools. We use special hydraulic pullers along with special adaptors for various types of injectors and engines.

Snapped Glow Plugs Removal

Another common issue with diesel engines is snapped glow plugs. This can often be unpreventable. However, you can avoid further damage to the cylinder head by getting it removed professionally. Our premium, high-tech tools are able to remove snapped glow-heater plug without removing or damaging the cylinder head.

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High quality and specialist diesel services.

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