Bob Martinelli (Vauxhall Zafira 2.0 Dti Auto)

I found “The car mechanic” web site by accident when looking for help with my Zafira’s problem of going into “limp home mode” and cutting out. A friend had obtained some basic fault codes using a hand held tester. These indicated a crank shaft sensor fault and Diesel fuel pump fault, (very,very expensive!) among others. I e-mailed Ales, and he explained that he would have to use his Tech2 tester to give a more accurate diagnosis. I phoned him, but he was very busy, and could not see me until the following week. (AArrgh!). Over the next few days the problem got worse, so I was forced to do what I was trying to avoid, going to a VX dealer!! I have had bad experiences with both Ford and VX dealers with their incompetence and dishonesty. I booked the VX dealer for the coming Monday, with a genuine sick feeling in my stomach. The following night (around 8 o’clock) my phone rang. It was Ales, he said he was passing through my area on his way home (he obviously noted my area code), and could he have a quick look at my car? YES! He arrived with his Tech2 tester and proceeded to diagnose my faults, and a test drive to try to generate the fault (no luck). He was with me for about 45 minutes, and explained the possible fixes for the fault, saying that the crankshaft sensor was the item to check first as it was the cheapest item, and that he would fit me in the following Monday. I cancelled the VX booking, and took my limping car to West Norwood, where Ales was waiting with an empty ramp ready for my car. He had already obtained the new part, and would start immediately. I went walkabout for an hour, then returned to find all was done. All that was left was for me to take the car and see if the fault re-occurred. It didn’t. As well as the part change, Ales reprogrammed my car’s ECU with the latest updates. For all this I was charged a very modest sum, that would have been around 3 to 4 times that, at the dealers, assuming that they only fitted the sensor and not the fuel pump, which they are prone to doing and charging around £900 !! I was so impressed with Ales’s professionalism and customer attitude, that I booked my car in again to have my broken air-conditioning repaired. Today, he found that the air-con compressor was inactive (£250/280 a piece)! He discovered that a replaceable part of the compressor was at fault (clutch magnet), so he obtained this item and saved the unnecessary cost of a complete unit. I can only reiterate ALL what previous customers have said about Ales. A thoroughly Decent, Knowledgeable engineer that does his best for his customers, which pleases him as much as them!! Well done Ales, go forth and prosper!


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