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I had a problem with my Astra 1.7DTi cutting out. I took it to a local garage who ran a diagnostic with the resulting fault code of ‘PO251- spill valve ECU’. They then informed me that to put it right would cost £900 with parts and labour – that’s right, £900! Fortunately, I then went to the internet and googled ‘PO251, Vauxhall’ or something like that, and saw that there was a load of forum information about this supposed spill valve malfunction being a common and spurious fault, and that the ECU could normally be fixed without having to replace it, as a repair of the ECU (rather than replacement) will almost always do the trick. Luckily for me, I came across Ales’s website, with all the recommendations of his satisfied customers and his experience, particularly with Vauxhalls. I called him and he quickly confirmed my suspicions, that the car was almost certainly fixable at a fraction of the cost quoted me by the other place ( an established firm that has been going for about 50 years!). A couple of days later I took it in and he did the job for £240. Not only that – while looking at it he spotted a rusty frame underneath that Vauxhall have a Recall on – ie they will fix for free – and he took it in to Penfolds to get them to fit the replacement part, at no extra cost! If that’s not looking after your customers, I don’t know what is!! Ales has the up-to-date knowledge, combined with an honest and personable manner. I’m so happy that I have found a good and trustworthy mechanic, as I really do rely heavily on my car for my business (professional musician). Hell will freeze over before I allow anyone else to work on my car from now on. If anyone wants to hear the recommendation direct from me, feel free to call me.


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