Lauren Miller (Vauxhall Tigra)

I first contacted Ales with a problem (which I have learnt is fairly common on other Vauxhall Tigras)to ask what his garage could do about this- water was getting into my driver’s footwell. He came back to me very quickly and gave me an informed answer and a very good price quote (official dealerships have tried to quote me extortionate amounts in the past). When my car was dropped off, we were shown the new part and talked through what would happen. When we picked up my car he showed us the old part and the problem with it. They also gave me a great warranty agreement with this, should the fault re-arise. I have not had a problem since I got my car fixed over a month ago (with much rain in the meantime) and I am extremely pleased with the service we received. I would definitely recommend this garage to anyone. Thanks!


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