N. W. (Vauxhall Zafira B)

I was at my wits ends. The car misfires regularly, lose power on the motorway (very scary experience!!) and the dreaded yellow spanner lights up and I couldn’t afford the main dealers and was too scared to go to main dealers in case I landed up with a big bill. A bit of “Googling” I found this website and drove an hour and half from where I live all the way to south London. Alesh was very pleasant, smiling. He diagnosed it accurately and explained the problem very patiently (I am hearing impaired). He even reprogrammed the ECU and performed a software upgrade. On the way home, I tried my hardest to “misfire” the engine by trying to over-rev it on the motorway and to my delight, the car performs like new! Now I can drive on motorways without sticking to the left hand lane in constant fear the car will go into “limp” mode or lose power! I can now overtake cars on the motorway without worrying about the engine cutting out! Anyone who lives near him in South London is very lucky to have a good mechanic and anyone who has engine problems – I advise them to drive 2 hours to come and see him in South London! Thank you Alesh!


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