Peter (from Sydney) (Vauxhall Vectra B)

I am from Australia and visiting my daughter in London. She has an old Vectra with quite a few problems and so I said that I would try to get them fixed.The most major problem was that the engine would stall without notice both at slow speeds and high speeds. This meant an instant loss of power steering and clearly was dangerous. It would immediately restart with a turn of the ignition key. I found out on the internet that this is a common problem with the Vectra but none seemed to have a single remedy for the problem. I took the car to Ales and he replaced the crank angle sensor and then the slow idle valve. This has fixed the problem and my daughter is over the moon. I have been around cars all my life and I can easily tell a good mechanic from a bad one. I have only praise for Ales. He was correct in his diagnosis, very reasonable in his pricing and nothing was too much trouble. So I have no hesitation in recommending his business.


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