Shirley Mayne (Vauxhall Zafira B)

Thank you Alesh for fixing my car last Monday. The garage I usually use tried to make me spend over £500 just to fix the window wash and you fixed it by just placing the fuse. I’ve only had my car for just 2 months and if it wasn’t for Alesh I would have blown my engine. The spanner in the car kept flashing on the dash but I was told to ignore by other garages. I got fed up and thought I would try Alesh as he seemed to get really good reviews on line. Well he is wonderful. He is everything that people have been saying about him. He fixed my car up to scratch in 45minutes. My car had been sabotaged by someone. They took the fuses out to cause my engine to blow and I would have to pay out a fortune on a new engine/vehicle. So Thank you, Thank you Alesh. I will NEVER USE ANOTHER GARAGE TO FIX MY CAR AGAIN. SEE YOU SOON FOR MY M.O.T.


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